Four Head Vial Filling Machine Model Description :

LAXMI Automatic Volumetric Vial Liquid Filling Machine. The Basic Unit Consists Of One side Turn Table, S.S. Slat Conveyor Belt, Unique Co- eccentric Simultaneous Gassing with Filling.. Vial Filling Machine Has an Output Speed of 100 Vials per Minute but Depending upon the Fill Volume and Container Dia. /size Or the Quality & Viscosity of Liquid.

Salient Features of Four Head Vial Filling Machine Model

  • All Liquid Contact Parts are of S.S. 316, the Body Structure is built up of S.S. 304 Pipe.
  • Co- Eccentric Nozzles allows Very Quick and precise Filling of liquid with Simultaneous nitrogen flushing.
  • No Vail– Machine stops system
  • Minimum Change over time, from one spare to another
  • Each individual part that is required for autoclaving can be mantled and dismantled very easily.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION of Four Head Vial Filling Machine Model
Model No LVFT 100
Filling Heads 2 Head, 4 Head, 6 Heads, 8 Head & 12 Head
Output/ Hour 1200 to 1500 Vial Per Head (Depending on the nature of liquid and its fill size or volume)
Power Characteristics 230v 1 Phase 50Hz 4 Wire System
Input (Container Dia/ Height) 16mm Dia to 50mm Dia/ Height 75mm Max.
Fill Volume 0.1 ml to 50ml
Filling Accuracy ±1 %
Net Weight 350 kgs
Turn Table 600mm
Machine Length 4400mm
Machine width 800mm/ 1600mm (Apro)
Machine height 1700mm

Four Head Vial Filling Machine Model Applications

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Ayurvedic
  • Herbal
  • Pesticide
  • cosmetic
  • chemicals
  • Food
  • And in other allied company and industries

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