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Automatic Rotary Gripper Type Washing Machine

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This is rotary type unit, Vials feed from the de-cartooning station are received on the Pneumatic Vial Lifting Device and then it will be move further, all the vials will be passed to the In feed Turn Table of the machine.
From the Turn Table, the complete operation will be done automatically. The vials will be passed through the infeed Star Wheel and from there, the Vial Holder / Grippers picks up the vials and invert it in neck down position. The water jets and compressed air washing will be done as per the washing sequence provided.
Once the washing process complete, the washed vials will be again inverted and transferred to the Out feed Star Wheel in straight (neck upward) position ,then It can be directly attach to the tunnel or collect in the trays / unload to Turn Table.
All the operations will be controlled through PLC & HMI and all controls are interlocked.
Salient Features
  • GMP Model.
  • Suitable to 2ml to 30ml Vials.
  • Gripper Assembly fitted with machine suitable for Vials.
  • S.S. Tanks as per model.
  • S.S. Imported Centrifugal Pumps.
  • 3 Nos. of SS-16 Filter Housing with its nylon/PP Cartridges.
  • 3 Nos. Pressure Gauges – Glycerin Filled. Pointer Make.
  • A. C. Frequency Drive for Speed Control.
  • Individual Solenoid Valve for Wash Media Operation.
  • All pipe fittings (Water Contacts) are of made from SS-316 material.
  • Push Button Based operating Controls.
  • Emergency Switch on Control Panel.
  • Out feed can connect directly to other machines or can collect it in the trays.
Technical Specification
Model LRGVW-120 LRGVW-240
Washing Type Rotary Rotary
Grade Automatic Automatic
Suitability Bottles / Vials Vials
Bottle Diameter Up to 50mm Up to 30mm
Input/Output Type Manuel / Automatic Manuel / Automatic
Washing Zone 5 6
Pumps 2 2
Water Tanks 2 2
Output/Min 100-120 Bottles 200-240 Bottles
Dimensions (L X W X H) 1400 X 1600 X 1300 1450 X 1600 X 1300
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