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Injectable Liquid Filling Machine – For  Vials

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Laxmi Pharma Equipment offers compact automatic volumetric multi head vial liquid filling & rubbers stoppering machine range. The machine consist of turntables, S.S. slat conveyor belt, eccentric pre-gassing, filling & post –gassing S.S. -316 nozzles precision built S.S. – 316 Syringes, silicon rubber tubings, easy – reach compact panel etc. Due to its minimum distance between filling and stoppering, the risk of contamination is reduced.
It is designed for operating in a sterile area and for utilizing it under laminar flow protection. The un-scrambler itself has been designed in the machine to eliminate dead ends and difficult to clean spot.
Salient Features
  • All Liquid Contact Parts are of S.S. 316, the Body Structure is built up of S.S. 304 Pipe.
  • Co-eccentric Nozzles allows very quick and precise setting and making unit compact and manageable.
  • Crafted S.S. Holder, Lapped Glass as well as S.S. Syringes and piston and precision built Valve System for achieving very high accuracy in fill size and drip proof performance. Precise setting and accuracy can be easily adjusted on the machine itself.
  • No vial No Stopper – No Filling System.
  • Easy reach compact panel provided easy and operation.
  • Minimum Change over Time. From one size of container or fill size to another.
  • Each Important individual part required for autoclaving/ sterilization can be removed easily. No need to shift the whole machine every now and then.
  • Can run dry and wet rubber stoppers and supplied with liquid collection tray.
Technical Specification
Model LVFS-60 LVFS-100 LVFS-150 LVFS-200
Filling Type Dive-in Dive-in Dive-in Dive-in
Grade Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Suitability Water base liquids Water base liquids Water base liquids Water base liquids
Vial Diameter Range Up to 50mm Up to 50mm Up to 50mm Up to 50mm
Input/output Type Manuel on Turn table Manuel on Turn table Manuel on Turn table Manuel on Turn table
Pumps Nos 2 4 6 8
Filling Accuracy ±1 % ±1 % ±1 % ±1 %
Output/Min 50-60 Vials 80-110 Vials 130-150 Vials 180-200 Vials
Rubber Stopper 13/20 mm 13/20 mm 13/20 mm 13/20 mm
Dimensions (L X W X H) 1400 X 850 X 1350 1500 X 850 X 1400 1530 X 850 X 1400 2000 X 850 X 1450
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