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Automatic Linear Type Bottle Washing Machine

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Once all bottles need to simply put on in feed tray and then move on wire mesh conveyor belt, which align the bottle in correct position, to enter into the carrier pocket with help of oscillating guide rails. Oscillating guides deliver the Bottle inside pocket in mouth down position over spraying nozzles. Multi-jet sprayers fixed at the top cause the total external and internal surface to be washed. To avoid any possible cross contamination between two different waters each washing station are provided with an independent circuits. Carrier pocket is moving with indexing motion when the baskets have completed their motion the needles are lifted. They penetrate the bottles, spraying Jets of water or compressed air then return down. The baskets movement then advances by one station. Each station of bottles passes through the washing cycles selected.
The duly washed bottles then delivered to the out feed tray with neck opening upward and then automatically re ordered for a next operation.
Salient Features
  • The specially designed pockets are provided on the platform to accommodate any size of Bottle from 30 ml to 1000 ml.
  • Easy loading and unloading.
  • GMP model.
  • Machine construction of SS-304.
  • Contact Parts of SS-316.
  • Applications: Pharmaceuticals/Food/Cosmetics/Pesticides etc.
Technical Specification
Model LRBW-100 LRBW-120 LRBW-150
Washing Type Linear Linear Linear
Grade Automatic Automatic Automatic
Suitability Bottles Bottles Bottles
Bottle Diameter 30-60mm 30-60mm 30-60mm
Input/output Type Manuel on TT Manuel on TT Manuel on TT
No of Pockets 10 12 16
Pumps 2 2 2
Water Tanks 2 2 2
Output/Min 70-100 Bottles 100-120 Bottles 120-150 Bottles
Dimensions (L X W X H) 1200 X 2400 X 1600 1350 X 2400 X 1600 1450 X 2400 X 1600
Utility Require:
Filtered Compressed Air 30 CFM 30 CFM 30 CFM
Electricals 415V , 3Ph 415V , 3Ph 415V , 3Ph
Power 5 hp 5 hp 5 hp
Line Connection Up to Machine Up to Machine Up to Machine
Water Consumption/Hr 400Ltr 450Ltr 500Ltr
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